Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As the trip gets closer we are firming up some details. The airline tickets are booked to Montreal, we have also Hostel memberships and will stay at this location in Montreal. It's right downtown and will be close to some of the "must see" places for us (Dunn's, Old Montreal, Atwater Market, and not far from Schwartz's! and the Montreal Bagel factory!

I remember going there at 3AM, back about 1981 or 82, and getting hot bagels seconds out of the oven while being taught a free history lesson on bagels from the cook: "the Kings and Queens used to dunk'em in their coffee" "what? the Kings and Queeens of England!?" "nope, the Russians! The Tsars!"

After that, with our rental car, we head to Quebec. Accommodations there will be tight, this being the 4ooth anniverary of settlement there with a host of event of things planned for this summer. A place to stay will may be tough most places we go, actually...

We actually are not typically high-season travellers. Preferring places away from the madding crowds, like Asia for example (What? No crowds in Asia? Are you kidding? I mean no crowds of tourists, but then again that is hardly true of Asia these days either), and not taking summer time vacations usually helps. Maybe high fuel prices will help keep some folks at home and it won't be a zoo most places we go. Fingers crossed...

Anyway, in Quebec City we will be Couch Surfing
, a step beyond Hostels in shared living. We found someone who is willing to put us up right smackdab in the middle of where we would like to be in Quebec, just below the citadel area and only minutes away on foot from the site of much of the festivities celebrating Quebec's history. And these folks know how to celebrate.

Our host there has a small place apparently but has some floor for us. I am sure a fine bottle of wine will be in his kitchen when we leave.

2 days there, than we drive off to the Gaspe Peninsula. This will be my first time there, aside from driving across from Rimouski to New Brunswick or vice versa a couple of times. I just got off the phone, practising my franglais, with the Hostel in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts where I booked un terain de camping (a campsite I think). I also have inquiries out to another hostel or 2 near the eastern end, in Parc Forillion and close to the village of Gaspe.