Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Trip Coming Up

As you might guess from the map below, there is another trip on the horizon. Not exactly exotic this time, but still out of the way, and a fairly long way away from Vancouver. At least I hope it is somewhat out of the way, as it will be high season, from the middle of July to early August.

The map shows, more or less, where we plan to go. The only certainties so far are that we have bought airfare from Vancouver to Montreal from July 13th to August 3rd, and that we plan to go to Halifax to visit the brothers and families, and must be in Moncton for the night of August 1st.

Moncton is what started this trip plan. Specifically Moncton High School.

I received an email from the class president of my graduation year, Norval, a few months ago. The topic was a potential reunion of the Grad class from that year (I won't give away the year just yet). I am quite interested in going but not without some trepidation I must admit.

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