Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter from Morocco

I just got his letter from Morocco, and thought I would share it. I do believe what they say in the letter and I would go visit them again if I could:


Good afternoon our dear guests,

we hope that you all are well and still remember your stay with us. We often think of you, have great fun memory of you and look often at the pictures we did when you stayed with us.

Now we turn to you with a special request. As you all know it is unsteady in some of the Arab countries, which we greatly regret and hope it calms down soon so that people there will not be much suffering.

In our country there were some protests as well, as known, but they were of a different kind and they were mild, reasonable and calm. Our king, which all have great respect for, is a good man, trying to make every effort to make it in the country on the best way and as you may all know it will happen some changes.

We therefore ask you to help us a bit and tell your friends that they can calmly plan their trips to Morocco, but also, there is no risk that the situation would be bad. On the contrary, we think it just gets better especially after the election in June.

We at Dar el Khamlia will be delighted if you and your friends will spend your vacation this year and others in Morocco and find your way even to us in Khamlia because we miss you all.

Thank you very much for your help and understanding (and even time you took to read this message and convey) and we hope to see you and your friends with us soon. We are waiting for you to give you all a wonderful experience of this great land. It is safe here.

Have nice days
Warm regards
Michaela and Brahim and all other at Dar el Khamlia

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