Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yes the time will soon be upon us to smash the pig!

Some of you may know that I do feed a piggy bank. Now this ain't no kid's collection of pennies and nickels, saving up for a slurpie or a slushie, whatever those are. Nope these are big suckers... and the only coins that go in them are loonies and toonies. That's Canadian one and two dollar coins, if you don't know already.

And the banks I get are as large as I can find. The first one was from a funky tourist trap in Coombs BC and was a cute little sucker. He still sits in the back yard with a big gaping hole in his porky little butt, as I didn't have the heart to smash him to smithereens.

It might be a terrible investment strategy with no interest, but it is painless. Every 1 or 2 I find in my pocket goes in the bank. Purpose? Vacation money!

The first pig met his demise about 10, maybe 12 years ago, and as the $2 coin was not long in circulation at that time, and the pig being the smallest of the ones I've had, I only collected somewhere around (if I remember correctly) about $1100.

Yep. $1100! That went a long way for pocket money on our first trip to China.

Next time the pig was the same design, but bigger. The take was around $1700 I think. That helped on our second China trip and Australia too. His cracked form also decorates the patio.

Porky 3 was not a pig at all, as they are not that easy to find, or at least big ones are scarce. Linda's mom found a big beehive shaped thing in Chinatown. The yield this time was just over $2000. Much of our South East Asia trip was funded with that one. No cute factor on that bank though so the shards are long gone.

The 2010 edition is the ugliest one yet. Made by a potter on drugs, inspired by Salvadore Dali, his face is going in a few directions at the same time. This one came from a friend who knew of my pig stash past. It will be the hardest to break both because it's pretty thick but also because of the incredibly ugly cuteness of it!

However it's soon going to lights out for the porker. Yes, he is full. Maybe he will take another $10 or so, but not much more. And the timing is just about right...with the next big trip around the corner.

I expect around $2000 from the petit cochon this time. I think I might just capture his death on video too! Oh yeah, I'm not telling you where I live in case you had designs on my bacon collection.

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Unknown said...

I like your piggy saving idea, it's also fairly fire safe...will have to try it! have a fun safe journey!