Sunday, April 18, 2010

The trip is starting to shape up...Volcano permitting

We have booked the main tickets now, so I'll be a bit more specific than flags and foreign language phrases.

We are heading to Morocco through Amsterdam, then back to Paris, then home from Amsterdam. Travel dates are from May 25 to June 27th.

The only really certain things yet are the air travel and the fact that we know where we will stay in Paris. That last part was actually the only thing certain about 8 or 9 months ago as Linda arranged an apartment in Paris for 10 days from June 15-25. We will stay there less than the entire 10 days but more on that later.

On the way there we will touch down in Amsterdam for a few hours and then travel Royal Air Maroc to Casablanca. We'd probably not go to Casablanca, the most modern and cosmopolitan (read expensive) of Moroccan cities, if there were easy connections to other cities. Most flights go through there anyway so...

One or 2 nights there we will also book from here, but most other things we will find or arrange as we go. When touching down tired and jet lagged in a new country it's always better to know where you are going to sleep for at least one night!

From Casa we probably will head south to Marrakesh and spend a few days there, with a trip out to Essaouira on the coast, before heading inland in (maybe) a rented car. The plan is probably going to include travel through Ouarzazate, and then on to Merzouga and south to a region in Erg Chebbi where we wil hopefully spend a night in the Sahara Desert after getting there by camel.

That is another part we will try to book ahead as camels don't like drop in visitors.

After that, up to Fes and area for a few days, dropping off the rental. Then to Tangiers and possibly a ferry ride to the south of France, arriving in S├Ęte after 36 hours crossing the Mediterranean.

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