Saturday, February 10, 2024

Do they call it a monsoon in South America?

Do they call it a monsoon in South America?

Regardless, it was monsooning today and we got trapped without shelter about 4 blocks from the bus we were heading for. Since we were already drenched we were better off going home rather than continuing the Hop-on Hop-off so got off at the nearest stop to our place, about 6 blocks away. 

The rain was heavy as we have ever seen including Vancouver and Asia. Water was literally to my knees in a couple of spots. Linda's eyes were still visible...barely.

The current was even so strong at times we couldn't see the bottom and I had to hold her up. Of course as we got home the rain stopped. 

Things are drying up now at least but unfortunately I chose today to wear socks and shoes rather than sandals. So it will be sandals tonight at the Thelonious Club jazz bar. And Uber Canoe both ways.

Other than that it was a productive day. We paid for the air fare and side trips to Iguazu Falls and Salta and wandered around a bit more. Here's what the portion we paid in Argentine pesos looks like. The rest was in USD and if we had paid completely in pesos the stack would have been as deep as the water today. 

We were going to be getting on and off that bus to see some of the sights but maybe tomorrow morning. The ticket for that is good for 24 hours at least. 

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