Saturday, October 13, 2007

Visa Craziness

I don't mean my credit card. I mean the China Visas.

We sent our passports off to Ottawa to get Vietnam Visas a few weeks ago. They came back pretty quickly; the China Visas might not be so easy, even though the Consulate is right here in Vancouver.

We have been to China twice before and the procedure, though typically bureaucratic was at least not too difficult. Now however, and I am not sure why, the office (new location on Broadway despite what the official consulate site says) has HUGE lineups. The other day Linda went to the office to submit our documents and could not even get in the room to lineup. Apparently some people are arriving at 7 AM for an office that opens at 9 and they are still not being seeing seen by 1 PM when the office closes!

You can send the application by mail, but only to a third party travel agent which of courses charges a fee for the service. So the Multiple Entry Visa we need will likely cost $130 now, plus potentially some courier charges. Yet another example of the pocket-lining "small c" capitalism of the Communists...

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