Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lisbon to Paris

Our legs are sore after 3 days in Lisbon and we suffer from a lack of sleep from last night at our apartment. Not that we stayed up late but the neighbourhood did, until at least 3am.

The Alfama district where we stayed in Lisbon is one of the oldest most traditional neighbourhoods here. With that comes that most traditional activity, all night parties with loud distorted PA systems and drunken revellers.

Seriously though it is a very old area with narrow labyrinthine streets, and all hard surfaces which bounce the sound around from the outdoor grilled sardine stands of which there were several just below us. The biggest rowdiest one was actually a collection of them on the front steps of an old church, complete with local drunks and imported ones like us.

We spent a couple of hours the night before last there, some of it with an American couple from Chicago & Minnesota, whom we later showed the way to the castle at the top of the hill where we sat on a wall and heard the end of a Fado concert.

...boarding now...later from Paris!

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