Thursday, June 14, 2012

Micro Post Update

No wifi or computer available today, and no time the last few days when we had both so I will post a couple of short ones from my phone. I will backfill later from Paris if not before.

We are now in Lisbon in a tiny apartment in the Alfama district. Tiny is not is about 240 sq.ft. and barely 6 feet high in spots. The maximum ceiling height is about 6'4" but if I stand my straightest I can hit my head in places.

The place is nice though and well equiped and it really does not matter as it is in a great spot & a good price.

We got here by train & taxi earlier today from Simtra were we spent 2 days at the Nice Way Simtra Palace hostel. More on that hostel and Simtra later.

We stay here for 3 nights & bought 2 day transit passes we already got our moneys worth from with a couple of tram rides and an elevador lift from one part of the city to another.

Lots more to come from Lisbon soon!

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