Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Overnight to Hue

We took a sleeper bus to Hue, about 600 km, and 11 hours driving.

The bus was modern and large, and has only about 36 bunks, that have some adjustability to bring the back up to sit, or down to sleep. Blankets are provided, shoes are taken off at the door and there is a WC on board. Not really bad except both times in the so far we have ended at the back over the engine where it is louder, bumpier, and cramped. There are 5 "seats" across the back (3 in the forward areas), stacked 2 high and they are harder to get into and shorter in length. Not so good for yours truly and really not that good for Linda either.

We did get a few hours sleep and had a bit more room after about 5am when my neighbour got off. We will be on one again tomorrow for a shorter jaunt to Hoi An (about 3-4 hours).

Today in Hue we wandered the grounds of the old citadel here. Tonight we plan taking a cyclo to a well written up but terribly cheap restaurant on the other side of the river. Near the citadel we came across these Back-Flippin' Birds

The hotel touts and cyclo drivers here are more persistent and bothersome than anywhere else so far. One cyclo driver followed us for at least 15 minutes! "maybe later" he kept saying even though we had clearly said "NO" and studiously ignored him!

Oh well.

In Hoi An, which will be the smallest community we will sleep in to that point, we hope to spend 2 nights and do a cooking course here:

Sounds like fun, and education when it relates to food is a good thing.

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