Saturday, November 24, 2007

Made It!

Home now, and catching up on sleep and posts here and picture editing. I have almost 8 gigabytes of photos, and will be tweaking them and uploading some of them to Flickr and/or Picasa. I will also be adding to earlier posts and rearranging things here so please watch for updates over the next few days. Scrolling back through the older posts you will already find changes and additions.

Please check back again...


Kate said...

Sorry to hear about your stuff. The water festival is a particularly bad time for petty theft. The French woman you wrote about did, in fact, die after being pulled into the street (apparently she was hit by a truck).

I hope your overall opinion of Cambodia wasn't too bad. Despite the poor justice and the poverty, it's a neat place, and the people are wonderful. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Overall the impression was not so bad. Just jaded a bit by first impressions as you can imagine!